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Reply CatherinaDync
12:39 AM on September 21, 2022 
?'v? noti?ed that m?n? gu?s ?refer regular g?rl?.
I a?plaud? the m?n out th?re wh? h?d th? balls to enjo? th? l?v? of m?n? w?men ?nd choo?e the ?ne th?t h? knew w?uld be h?s be?t friend dur?ng th? bump? ?nd craz? thing call?d l?f?.
I wanted to b? that fr??nd, not ?u?t ? ?t?bl?, r?liable and b?r?ng housew?fe.
? am 23 y??rs ?ld, C?ther?n?, fr?m the Cz??h R?public, kn?w ?ngli?h language ?lso.
An?w??, ?ou ?an find m? ?r?file here:
Reply NataliaDync
10:06 PM on September 11, 2022 
?'v? noti?ed that m?n? gu?s pr?fer r?gular g?rl?.
? appl?ud? the m?n out there wh? had the b?lls t? en??y th? l?v? of m?n? women ?nd ch??se th? ?ne that he knew w?uld be hi? b??t fr??nd during th? bum?y ?nd ?razy th?ng c?lled l?f?.
I w?nted t? be that fr??nd, not just a st?bl?, reli?bl? ?nd bor?ng housew?fe.
I am 27 y??r? ?ld, ??tali?, from the ?zech R?public, know ?ngli?h l?ngu?ge al??.
Anyway, ?ou ??n find m? pr?f?l? h?re:
Reply jvSaurn
11:06 AM on August 31, 2022 
????? ??????????? ??? ??????????? ????? ??????
Reply ElenaMi
9:02 AM on August 4, 2022 
?erhaps m? m???age ?s too spec?f??.
?ut my old?r ?ist?r found a wond?rful man h?re and th?? h?v? a gr??t rel?ti?nsh??, but what about m??
? am 22 year? ?ld, Elen?, fr?m th? ?zech Re?ublic, kn?w Engl??h language als?
And... b?tt?r to say it ?mmedi?t?l?. I am bi?e?u?l. I am n?t je?lou? ?f another wom?n... ?s?ec??lly ?f w? make lov? t?gether.
Ah y??, ? cook very ta?ty? ?nd ? l?v? n?t only c?ok ;))
Im r?al g?rl ?nd lo?k?ng f?r ?erious ?nd hot r?l?t?on?hi?...
?nywa?, ?ou ?an find m? ?rofil? her?:
Reply mosSaurn
6:00 AM on June 3, 2022 
????????????????? ????? ?????? ? ?????? ??? ??????????? ???????? ????? ?????? ? ??????
Reply mizSaurn
4:54 AM on May 15, 2022 
??????????: ????? ??? ??? ??????? ????????
Reply Christinakl
11:17 AM on April 17, 2022 
?ello ?ll, gu?s? ? know, my mes?age m?? b? too s?ec?f??,
?ut my sister f?und n?ce m?n h?r? and th?y m?rri?d, so how ?b?ut m??! :)
I am 25 ?ears old, ?hri?tina, from Ukraine, ? kn?w Engl??h and Germ?n langu?g?? ?l??
?nd... I have s?e??f?c di?????, n?m?d n?mphomani?. ?h? know wh?t ?s th??, ?an und?r?tand m? (better to ??y ?t ?mm?diat?ly)
?h ??s, ? c?ok v?r? ta?ty! and I lov? not ?nly ??ok ;))
Im real girl, n?t pro?titute, ?nd lo?k?ng for s?r??us and h?t relationship...
Anyw?y, ??u ?an find my ?r?file h?r?:
Reply fotosiSaurn
2:00 PM on March 4, 2022 
Reply RinsSaurn
10:11 AM on September 13, 2021 
????? waterman paris ???? ??? waterman paris